RAH is for people, who have challenges to surmount, potential to realize, eco systems to restore, discriminations to deal with. RAH will work for the last person in the queue, as described by Mahatma Gandhi.

RAH uses its network in the professional and corporate world to create a rural outreach process by organizing events of health, education, environment, socio-economic empowerment and gender sensitization.

RAH will network with the already existing grass root organizations to help them access to sponsors, resources and expertise, to bring them together on common programs and approaches.

RAH will identify people and locations in the far and beyond of developed India and create a process of identifying young talents from weaker sections of society. RAH will especially focus on girl children to help them get employment generating educational courses and will help in creating village level entrepreneurships through self help groups and promote their products in the urban markets.

RAH would actively engage with the initiatives directed in saving the environment, encourage environmental friendly technology and methods in agriculture. It would attempt to create role models which can set examples to follow. It would rope in agronomists to help farmers to get good harvest without harming the environment. RAH would help in creating distribution network for organic and natural products in the urban market.

RAH will try to find ways to innovate and improvise on dissemination of useful information, create media platforms to create discussion forums through social media of like-minded people. RAH will showcase the community heroes in the rural societies by partnering with the local print and electronic media. RAH will actively lobby for their just and fair causes.

RAH will attempt to bring cheer, content, happiness, smile and hope to people who have been too caught up with the rigmarole of survival. And will make efforts to multiply the goodness generated through it.
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